Black-stained House

Wild imaginings: Beach huts, Part 2

14 August 2017| By Ike Ijeh

The humble British beach hut is being reconfigured for the 21st century, as Part 2 of our guide shows

Mirrored beach hut

Wild imaginings: Beach huts, Part 1

11 August 2017| By Ike Ijeh

The humble British beach hut is being reconfigured for the 21st century, as Part 1 of our guide shows


Talkin’ bout a revolution

27 July 2017| By Andy Pearson

Take some well-tested modern manufacturing techniques, add them to a radical streamlined procurement route that makes the supplier king and you have the beginnings of what could be a revolution in how we build. Ike Ijeh reports on the latest advances in off-site manufacture

Bracknell Regeneration birdseye view

Bracknell: Talk of the town

19 July 2017| By Andy Pearson

Bracknell is the first post-war new town to be comprehensively demolished and rebuilt - to the tune of £750m. Building visited just weeks before completion to see a scheme that hopes to get shoppers and visitors returning in droves

New Ground Cohousing

Housing Design Awards 2017: the winners

11 July 2017| By Ike Ijeh

It’s good to be reminded of the high quality that characterises much of the new work being produced in housing

The Sackler Courtyard

V&A extension: Culture shock

4 July 2017| By Ike Ijeh

Amanda Levete’s £48m expansion of London’s V&A connects the museum with the public realm through a superb porcelain-paved courtyard. But it’s the sheer immersive power of its vast subterranean exhibition hall that will make visitors stand and gawp

National Gallery of Ireland

Windows of opportunity

28 June 2017| By Ike Ijeh

Heneghan Peng’s £25m refurbishment of the National Gallery of Ireland is a sensitive and sometimes almost invisible intervention into an idiosyncratic building


Under a cloud

21 June 2017| By Ike Ijeh

Commercial development in the City has had the shadow of Brexit looming over it for a year now


Close to the edge

16 June 2017| By Thomas Lane

Kengo Kuma’s extraordinarily complex design for the V&A’s outpost in Dundee would not have been possible without 3D modelling and analysis tools, not to mention complex construction techniques, that have left the city with a building of true grit

Emerson College Little Building

BIM: Attention to detail

7 June 2017| By Ike Ijeh

A Boston restoration project using advanced 3D-modelling and printing technologies could hold the key to a new age of decoration within contemporary design

432 Park Avenue

Residential towers: Through the roof

31 May 2017| By Ike Ijeh

New York and London are both bristling with new residential towers, a boom driven by demand for housing and skyrocketing prices for luxury flats

Jerome L. Green Science Centre

By the people: Columbia University’s new Manhattanville campus

24 May 2017| By Ike Ijeh

Columbia University’s new Manhattanville campus has championed a policy of inclusiveness not only for its students but also in the construction teams that built it


A stage for three stars: Chester's Storyhouse

15 May 2017| By Ike Ijeh

The Storyhouse in Chester is a daring construction of opposites, with a theatre, cinema and library brought together in a space that combines new-build and the spirit of the orginal 1930s picture house

22 Bishopsgate from the Thames

BIM: Are you ready for the fourth dimension?

11 May 2017| By Ike Ijeh

The team behind 22 Bishopsgate has created a complex 4D virtual reality model intended to optimise every aspect of delivery. Is the industry at large prepared for this new reality?

Berlin concert hall

Melody & harmony: Berlin's new concert hall

5 May 2017| By Ike Ijeh

Frank Gehry’s £28.5m Berlin concert hall is an unusual building for this celebrated creator of the unusual. Ike Ijeh finds that through its sharp contradictions of age, shape and material, it achieves a kind of peace

The medical centre is scheduled to be finished in June

Notes from a small island: Tristan da Cunha's medical centre

27 April 2017| By Andy Pearson

Building a medical centre is all in a day’s work for Galliford Try. But it’s a different matter when the work takes place on a volcanic island 2,000km from the nearest inhabited land. This is a prefab new-build with a difference


Floating ideas to tackle flooding

20 April 2017| By Ike Ijeh

The severe flooding of winter 2015/16 has put a focus on normalising water-resistance measures in houses in areas prone to flooding

Albert Dock

The art of good conservation

12 April 2017| By Ike Ijeh

As conservation areas turn 50, they are coming under increasing pressure in major cities. Ike Ijeh looks at the battle between heritage enthusiasts and developers, and asks experts if they think the areas have reached a tipping point

Future Greenwich Peninsula

Greenwich Peninsula: In the docks

5 April 2017| By Ike Ijeh

Knight Dragon’s £8.4bn redevelopment of Greenwich Peninsula will be one of the biggest regeneration projects by one developer that the capital has ever seen and has attracted some top architectural talent. But will the result stand the test of time? Ike Ijeh reports


Bush Theatre: Open audition

29 March 2017| By Ike Ijeh

In its renovation of west London’s Bush Theatre, Haworth Tompkins was asked to make the building and the theatre it contains accessible and approachable to all the local community. The result, says Ike Ijeh, is full of twists and turns

Carrowbreck Meadow

Carrowbreck Meadow: Passivhaus rules

22 March 2017| By Ike Ijeh

A settlement of 14 Passivhaus homes, designed by Hamson Barron Smith, has been built in a Norfolk woodland. Ike Ijeh explains why observing this small project could provide the key to a scheme of nationwide significance

St Peter’s Seminary

The resurrection of St Peter’s

8 March 2017| By Ike Ijeh

St Peter’s Seminary near Glasgow is a brutalist ruin that is being given new life as an arts venue. What makes the refurb really unusual is that the crumbling decay, instead of being covered, will be used as a central feature

One Blackfriars from level 41

One Blackfriars: Second time around

24 February 2017| By Andy Pearson

Three years after completing One St George Wharf in London’s Vauxhall, St George is well on its way to the top of a striking residential skyscraper on the South Bank

Street detail

Live Works: As you like it

15 February 2017| By Ike Ijeh, Ike Ijeh

Live Theatre has ventured into the high-stakes world of property development to enable it to plough the profits back into making plays. Ike Ijeh takes a look around Live Works, the theatre’s £10m office project, to see how the building fits into Newcastle’s historic Quayside

Burntwood School

A question of priorities

8 February 2017| By Ike Ijeh

The government’s flagship programme to regenerate the schools estate has just seen the start of its second phase. Ike Ijeh assesses what the Priority School Building Programme has offered pupils and the construction industry so far

Swansea Bay

Bay watch

1 February 2017| By Ike Ijeh

With the government-commissioned review into the cost-effectiveness of tidal lagoons giving Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon the thumbs up last month, could this be a watershed moment for tidal energy?

The new facade; the team created a thermally broken extrusion 119mm wide with the glazing fixed in with structural silicone.

Great Arthur House: Colourful character

25 January 2017| By Thomas Lane

The grade II-listed Great Arthur House in the City of London urgently needed a new facade that stopped its leaks and improved its thermal performance, but double glazing was too heavy for its structure

Trump International Golf Club, Dubai


18 January 2017| By Ike Ijeh

Donald Trump’s architecture talks louder than the man himself, with its gaudy interiors and unashamed excess. But what do his developments reveal about the man who promises to transform America?

King’s College Hospital, London

King’s College Hospital: Surgical precision

12 January 2017| By Andy Pearson

Inserting a new intensive care ward above the live theatre block of King’s College Hospital required meticulous planning, an ingenious solution to hoisting steelwork and a steady nerve

Hamburg Elbphilharmonie

Elbphilharmonie: Crown jewel

6 January 2017| By Ike Ijeh

Hamburg wanted the Elbphilharmonie to be an instantly discernible architectural symbol to lift the city’s prestige but got a faceless glass block sitting on top of a brick one

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