'Significant' industry response needed post-Grenfell, says Crossrail boss

Will Mann

Construction response group to address challenge of building safety

The construction industry needs to provide a “significant” response to building safety following the Grenfell fire, according to Andrew Wolstenholme, chair of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC).

Crossrail chief executive Wolstenholme (pictured) welcomed the establishment of a post-Grenfell industry response group, comprising the Construction Industry Council (CIC), Build UK and the Construction Products Association (CPA), announced by the Department for Communities and Local Government last Thursday.

“The scale of the response from the sector that is necessary to address the challenge of building safety is significant, and the industry will need to work together to deliver this,” he said.

Responsibilities of the response group include:

“The group has been created by the government to lead the industry response to the Grenfell fire and the work currently underway to ensure the fire safety of buildings,” a statement from the CLC said. “The group will work across the construction industry and will include all relevant parts of the supply chain, enabling the industry to support public and private sector clients in delivering safer buildings.”

“The CIC, Build UK and the CPA are the right organisations to lead this group and I hope that the sector will fully support their efforts,” Wolstenholme added.

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