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Dave Rogers

The government isn’t doing enough to prevent a mass exodus of EU workers

4 July 2017| By Dave Rogers

Brexit could be a spark for an exodus of EU construction workers and the government doesn’t seem to have a plan

Andrew Stunell

Listening mode

23 June 2017| By Andrew Stunell

For construction to have a chance of getting the best out of Brexit, it needs to convince the government to listen to it

In depth

Eugenie Bliah

How Brexit got personal

23 June 2017| By Joey Gardiner

The focus of Brexit so far has been the possible impact on construction’s growing skills shortage. But how is the UK’s vote to leave affecting the EU nationals themselves and what can employers do to ensure that they stay?

The European parliament building in Brussels

Brexit and construction law: Changing times

23 June 2017| By Al Watson, Jill Carey, Clare Harman-Clark

One year on from the EU referendum, nobody knows how a post-Brexit world will look


‘Projects won’t be delivered’

22 June 2017| By Joey Gardiner

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