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Election 2017 leaders

Snap election poll: Who gets your vote?

12 May 2017

With just 27 days left till polling day, Building is running a reader poll to find out about the industry’s views of the main parties and how it intends to vote

Patrick Flaherty

Aecom boss: Brexit is causing worker ‘exodus’

4 May 2017| By Louise Dransfield

Patrick Flaherty backs investment in off-site manufacturing amid predicted skills shortages


Jack Pringle

Housing: Great shakes

23 May 2017| By Jack Pringle

If you look hard enough, something positive has come out of this turbulent world politics and frenzy of electioneering

Sarah Richardson

The Brexit election: Beating the drum

28 April 2017| By Sarah Richardson

A large majority would give the Conservative more freedom in the Brexit negotiations but how would they use it? And are they listening to construction’s concerns?

Chloe McCulloch

Snap election: Construction’s chance

21 April 2017| By Chloë McCulloch

Sarah Richardson

Our work cut out

31 March 2017| By Sarah Richardson

In depth

housing pic

Housing: The forgotten crisis

28 April 2017| By Joey Gardiner

Already it has been dubbed the ‘Brexit election’, so will this single issue overshadow all others, including how to tackle the housing crisis?

Election 2017 leaders

The Brexit election

26 April 2017| By David Blackman

Before the parties nail down their manifestos, we take a look at what construction might expect from June’s vote

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