Aecom indices for market forecast 28 August issue

Market forecast: Consistently uncertain

By Michael Hubbard

Construction data – both hard and soft – remains consistently inconsistent. Overall construction activity is slowing, but this doesn’t tell the full story


Tracker: June 2017

By Experian Economics

The total activity index was unchanged in June, signifying continued expansion, although both the R&M index and civil engineering sector contracted. Experian Economics reports

Elbphilarmonie, Hamburg

Cost model: New-build concert halls

By Paul Davis, Steve Roberts

As cultural icons they can make a huge contribution to any city, but concert halls can have costs and a complexity of scale to match

Lead times June 2017

Lead times: April-June 2017

By Brian Moone

Lead times have stayed level, with most packages at the highest level since records began, and little further change is expected over the next six months

22 Bishopsgate

Facades: Do all-glass buildings make financial sense?

By Steve Watts, Steve Mudie, Rachel Coleman

All-glass commercial buildings are a common sight in large cities in particular and make a dramatic architectural statement. But do the numbers add up?

GATEway trial project

Infrastructure: Smart vehicles

By Fraser Davidson, Elisabeth Selk

Connected and autonomous vehicles are expected to lead the next urban transport revolution - transforming urban mobility and the way roads are managed


Tracker: May 2017

By Experian Economics

Total activity growth remains steady but R&M continues to slide, while materials costs have risen notably and there has been a positive level of activity in nearly all regions. Experian Economics reports


Building intelligence: Q1 2017

By Experian Economics

As uncertainty continues to stalk the economy, modest private housing sector growth is expected, with public housing having grown strongly


Sustainability: Sustainable retail

By Robin Brylewksi

Sustainable retail buildings present a major opportunity to provide improved quality and a better experience for employees, shoppers and communities


Cost update Q1 2017

By Michael Hubbard

Building, electrical and mechanical costs are rising at varying rates along with materials costs as sterling continues to fluctuate but wages have fallen slightly year-on-year


Cost model: Residential timber

By Alex Hyams, Steve Watts, Catherine Harvatt

A familiar building material now has many innovative and scientifically developed forms, of which cross-laminated timber is perhaps the most compelling


Tracker: April 2017

By Experian Economics

Labour shortages and cost increases loom large as several sector indices start to look a little limp

Office buildings

Wellness: WELL Building Standard

By Alinea Consulting

The WELL Building Standard focuses solely on a building’s impact on people

New work output - sector changes indexed to Q2 2010

Market forecast: Carry on regardless

By Michael Hubbard

The UK construction industry maintained notable growth rates and posted high output numbers but uncertainty endures on both the domestic and international stage


City focus: Dubai

By Ciara Walker

Ciara Walker of Arcadis highlights the programme of investment in infrastructure and tourism-related construction driven by the Dubai City Plan 2021, exemplified by World Expo 2020


Tracker: March 2017

By Experian Economics

The repair and maintenance activity index returns to positive territory for the first time since September but the total activity index remains unchanged

Lead times index April 2017

Lead times: January-March 2017

By Brian Moone

Lead times have changed for five packages and four are increasing again, but many packages still expect no change in the next six months despite increased workload and enquiries


Whole-life carbon: Fabric retention

By Mirko Farnetani and Juan José Lafuente of Sturgis Carbon Profiling

In redevelopment or refurbishment, retaining elements of existing buildings offers significant environmental and financial benefits

Modular housing in Ladywell

Cost model: Modular construction

By Rob Mills

Debates about modular construction and off-site manufacture are nothing new. But with more suppliers, better quality and greater awareness within the industry, could it finally achieve critical mass?

London skyline

Sustainability: Zero-carbon London

By Adam Mactavish

The London Plan has specific sustainability targets which affect development in the city


Building intelligence: Q4 2016

By Experian Economics

The UK economy has enjoyed four years of uninterrupted growth and GDP is higher than its pre-crisis peak in 2008 but the outlook for the next two years has weakened following the Brexit vote


Tracker: February 2017

By Experian Economics

Activity growth in the sectors was positive this month, as the residential and non-residential indices both increased, and the total activity index recorded a significant improvement

Touch pad

Infrastructure: Digital Railway

By Ciara Walker, Marc Starmans

A look at the challenges the Digital Railway programme faces, and how they can be overcome by good management, supply chain collaboration and a strong investment case


Cost update Q4 2016

By Michael Hubbard

The fall in the value of sterling has caused building costs and consumer prices to rise, while manufacturing input has taken a hard hit in the last year


City focus: Berlin

By Ciara Walker, Birgit Detig, Ramiro Forné

Ciara Walker, Birgit Detig and Ramiro Forné of Arcadis and CallisonRTKL consider whether Berlin will still be sexy, when it is no longer so poor


Tracker: January 2017

By Experian Economics

The total activity index fell into negative territory for the first time since July last year. The repair and maintenance index also continued on its downward trend

New Jaguar Land Rover dealership at Manor Royal, Crawley

Cost model: Car showrooms

By John Fox, Joe McCann, Chris Webb

The motor industry is booming, with showrooms continuing to be built. And with the customer experience at the heart of the schemes, substantial add-on features may be included

UK construction quarterly output

Market forecast: Still on the up

By Michael Hubbard

The trend continues for rising optimism and workload, though materials costs and wage rates are also increasing, while market uncertainty may have some surprises to pull, says Michael Hubbard of Aecom

Lead times

Lead times: October - December 2016

By Brian Moone

Lead times have changed for only two packages - the lowest level of change recorded in the last decade. But many packages are reporting difficulty in getting qualified or experienced staff, reports Brian Moone of Mace

Tracker index

Tracker: December 2016

By Experian Economics

In the final month of last year there was growth in the total activity index due to improvements in the non-residential and the civil engineering sectors

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