Building's Brexit survey results in full

View the full results from over 2,000 readers who took part in our survey to find out the Brexit deal construction needs

Rank the following in order of how important they are to you in the UK’s final Brexit deal.

Do you think that the construction sector should seek a similar assurance to that given by ministers to the agriculture sector, that the government will work with the sector to ensure it has the “right people with the right skills” post Brexit?

Do you believe that construction workers should be allowed freedom of movement across Europe under the terms of the final Brexit deal (rather than only for a transitional period) in order to meet skills needs?

Which categories of workers should be allowed freedom of movement in a final Brexit deal?

Do you think that the UK should be a member of the EU customs union?

Are there specific regulations affecting construction in the UK you believe should be simplified under Brexit?

Do you think that health and safety regulation, which is currently based on EU directives, should be changed?

Does there need to be a clearer plan for tackling skills shortages in the UK construction sector before any visa restrictions are brought in for construction workers?

Which types of construction worker should have transitional arrangements, meaning they would not immediately be subject to visa restrictions?

If the UK were to have a “hard Brexit”, with removal of all freedom of movement of labour, how long would be a sensible period for transitional labour arrangements for construction?

What proportion of your business’ current workforce (including direct employees, contract workers and labour only subcontractors) do you estimate are nationals of other EU countries (not including those from the UK)?

How important would the following be to supporting your business in a period of economic uncertainty?

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