Jingle bell blocks

19 December 2014| By Joey Gardiner

Take five teams of construction professionals, stick them in a roomful of Lego, get them to carry out three slightly offbeat tasks, and award them bonus points for good ideas on where to stick Santa… yes, folks, it can only be Building’s 2014 Christmas challenge


Review of 2014: Fairy tale endings

19 December 2014

Continuing our look back at the year gone by, here’s a selection of some of the biggest positive news

trap door

Review of 2014: Grimm Tales

19 December 2014

Our annual review of construction dwells, for a moment, on the sector’s most depressing stories

Paul Sheffield

Review of 2014: Cast changes

19 December 2014

Who went where?


Review of 2014: Heroes

19 December 2014

The people and stories that thrilled us in 2014

Panto villains

Review of 2014: Pantomime villains

19 December 2014

Who and what we loved to hate this year


Review of 2014: Best lines

19 December 2014| By Joey Gardiner

A collection of the best and most regrettable quotes of 2014


Review of 2014: Final bow

19 December 2014| By Joey Gardiner

The people we bade farewell to in 2014

Archive 1912

This week in 2009

19 December 2014

Building’s contributors put their culinary skills to the test

Sketch 1912

Sketch of the week: library concept

19 December 2014

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by structural engineer Nirlep Chhabra at SJIL

Bond Street lights

Image of the week: Peacock suit

19 December 2014

Why are this year’s Bond Street Christmas lights modelled around the motif of peacock feathers

News analysis timer

Calling time on the coalition

12 December 2014| By Joey Gardiner, Vern Pitt, David Blackman, Sarah Richardson

From the Green Deal to Crossrail, the government made a number of pledges back in 2010 to keep the industry afloat during the grim five years ahead. But how well has it stuck to them?


From the archives: 2010

12 December 2014

Building analyses what the new coalition government could mean for the sector

Concrete Arteries

Image of the week: Concrete Arteries

12 December 2014

CIOB’s Art of Building competition entry shows the construction of a new metro line in Amsterdam, Holland

Paul King

Interview: Paul King

11 December 2014| By Vern Pitt

Outgoing head of the UK Green Building Council Paul King sees an industry in large part willing to deliver the government’s green agenda. Unfortunately, the government itself has so badly undermined its own policies, the sector is no longer sure what that agenda is any more

This week in 2004

5 December 2014

Three years after the attacks on the Twin Towers, three construction experts tell of their involvement in the clean-up and rebuilding


Sketch of the week: Almaty, Kazakhstan

5 December 2014

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by Derek Draper, co-director at Atomik Architecture

Osborne and Alexander

Image of the week: Here come the boys

5 December 2014

George Osborne and Danny Alexander leave the Treasury on Wednesday

Class of 2014

The Class of 2014: Three months on

4 December 2014| By Joey Gardiner

Back in September we introduced you to our Class of 2014: 14 young recruits embarking on their careers in construction. Three months later, we ask them how they’re getting on - and if the industry is living up to their expectations

John Assael

Interview: John Assael

2 December 2014| By Sarah Richardson

John Assael’s ambition is to grow his practice, win awards and be known as a great employer. But he believes that it’s by achieving this last that the other two goals will be fulfilled. Meet the winner of Building’s Good Employer Guide.

Steve Morriss

Interview: Steve Morriss

28 November 2014| By Joey Gardiner

The £2.3bn merger of US engineering giant Aecom with rival URS made it the UK’s second largest consultant. But where does it go from here and what does the merger mean for the UK? To find out, Building talked to Aecom’s EMEA boss Steve Morriss


The cost of training an industry

28 November 2014| By Joey Gardiner

Criticised for its complexity, the CITB is reforming its method for levying the funds it uses to subsidise industry training. The streamlined plans will see some employees paying less, but for others, it could mean a larger bill.


Sketch of the week: 23m2

28 November 2014

This week’s sketch is a chalk drawing drawn to help envisage London Housing Design Guide standards

SOTW 2811

This week in 1974

28 November 2014

Architects Gillespie, Kidd & Coia win the redevelopment job of a Cambridge University campus

T pylon test line

Image of the week: All aboard the T-line

28 November 2014

Work starts on a test line for the new T-pylon designed by Bystrup

Mackintosh building

Image of the week: Buried treasures

21 November 2014

Forensic archaeologists begin examining the fire-damaged Mackintosh Library at the Glasgow School of Art

bim tin

Is BIM what it says on the tin?

21 November 2014| By Joey Gardiner

While Building’s BIM survey indicates that adoption of the technology is increasing, there is growing anxiety about its effect on the dynamics of project teams

NA 2111

Paying the price

21 November 2014| By Kate Youde

New research into the housebuilding industry shows that although staff are enjoying higher salaries, they’re also taking on more responsibilities, working longer hours and finding their work/life balance out of kilter.

BIM archive

From the archive in 2010

21 November 2014

The UK government indicates that it intends to adopt BIM for the procurement and management of public assets

Avery Gehry

Sketch of the week: Gehry buildings

21 November 2014

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by Bryan Avery, princpal of Avery Associates Architects

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