Top 150 v2

Top 150 contractors and housebuilders 2014

25 July 2014| By Joey Gardiner

Building’s annual list of the UK’s biggest performers in the construction sector shows that housebuilders have enjoyed the past 12 months most. But many predict the tides are ready to turn for contractors, as Joey Gardiner reports

One Brighton

From the archive in ... 2013

24 July 2014

As One Brighton marks its fifth birthday, we take a look back to 2013 when it was profiled as a cost-effective model for sustainable living

1974 training archive

This week in 1974

18 July 2014

As the construction industry faces a skills shortage, Building’s issue published July 1974 shows the sector facing similar problems

John Roycroft sketch

Sketch of the week: Structural concept sketches

18 July 2014

This week’s sketch of the week is “structural concept sketches for a perspective office development” by John Roycroft, civil and structural engineering director at BDP.

Peter Amato

Interview: Peter Amato

17 July 2014| By Iain Withers

As the man in charge of overseeing Chinese developer Dalian Wanda’s £3bn UK development plans, Peter Amato is already becoming the man contractors and consultants most want to know. But you’ll have to learn to keep up …


Subcontracting through the skills shortage

16 July 2014

The turnaround in the sector’s fortunes has thrown up new risks for subcontractors finding new skilled tradesmen. Building hosted an audio webinar, with insurer Zurich, to discuss preventing any potential pitfalls

These houses in Berwick-upon-Tweed have been externally insulated and then finished with a basecoat, Tonachino protective coating and topcoat from Mapei’s Silancolor range

CPD 16 2014: Render-protected external wall insulation

16 July 2014

EWI systems are an effective means of improving a building’s thermal efficiency. Our latest CPD module, sponsored by Mapei, examines the types of system available, as well as colours, finishes and the relevant standards

Skills gap news analysis

Training to nowhere

11 July 2014| By Joey Gardiner

Plenty of young people across the UK are signing up for construction training - the real problem, according to a report out today, is that many are taking courses that simply don’t meet the industry’s needs.

Sketch of the week july

Sketch of the week: Open City’s Accelerate into University! programme

11 July 2014

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by Srirat Jongsanguandi, from Seven Kings Sixth Form, year 12.

Birmingham Library

CPD 15 2014: Specifying sustainable paints

10 July 2014

Paint systems can have a major impact on the environmental performance of a project. Our latest CPD module, sponsored by Johnstone’s Trade, outlines the key factors that specifiers need to consider

New House Alamy

Zero Carbon Hub report: Performance gap in new homes

9 July 2014| By David Blackman

The ‘performance gap’ between the design of new homes and their as-built energy use can no longer be ignored. And according to the Zero Carbon Hub, the only answer is to fundamentally shake up the way that the industry works


Infrastructure: Flood management

8 July 2014| By Simon Rawlinson

This year’s extreme weather has highlighted the increasing risk of flooding and the difficulties faced in prioritising investment. EC Harris examines the UK’s approach to flood risk management

Archive Lego

This week in ... 1994

4 July 2014

With Tower Bridge celebrating its 120th birthday this week, we head back 20 years in the Building archives to when a Danish model-maker constructed the iconic landmark entirely out of Lego

The Department

Sketch of the week: The Department

4 July 2014

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by Max Titchmarsh, director at SPARK Architects.

Recovery position

How vital is government as a construction client?

4 July 2014| By Sarah Richardson and Joey Gardiner

Public sector work has kept much of the construction industry off the critical list for the past six years but with the private sector now in increasingly robust health, how much is government really needed as a client?


Bricks and mortar boards

4 July 2014| By David Blackman

With a constant need to attract the best students, the development of universities has remained a strong sector for the construction industry. But are universities making the most of the connections with the cities they are in? Our roundtable of industry experts gathered to discuss the issues faced by our academic institutions

Visualistation of Wenlock Road, which will be the tallest CLT residential building in the UK

The rise of cross-laminated timber

3 July 2014| By Thomas Lane

Cross-laminated timber is fast establishing itself as a quicker, greener alternative to concrete or steel structural frames. With the market growing threefold in the past two years, is it time to consider it a genuine rival to the big two?

M2 Collapse

Time to act: Debating UK infrastructure policy

3 July 2014| By Joey Gardiner

As the Institution of Civil Engineers delivers a worrying State of the Nation report on UK infrastructure, Building charts the changes that the sector believes should be prioritised by the next government

Archive Latham

From the archive in ... 1994

27 June 2014

This week we look back to the initial rumblings of the Construction Industry Board, later chaired by Sir Michael Latham, as this Building news story reveals

St Marks Sq index

Sketch of the week: Sansovino’s Library, Venice

27 June 2014

This week’s #buildingdoodle is by Francis Terry, partner in Quinlan & Francis Terry Architects.

Did it change us?

Latham's report: Did it change us?

27 June 2014| By Joey Gardiner

Twenty years after the publication of Sir Michael Latham’s Constructing the Team, Joey Gardiner looks back at the report’s impact, whether it changed construction for the better and if its grand ambitions survived the financial meltdown

Jantar Mantar at Jaipur, India

Sketch of the week: Jantar Mantar

20 June 2014

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by architect Owen O’Carroll at urbanX

Getting down to grassroots

This week in ... 1994

20 June 2014

This week we take a look back at a Building feature investigating the science behind playing surfaces in the mid 90s, when grass specialists was a relatively new concept

Green Construction Board

What's been the impact of the Green Construction Board?

20 June 2014| By Vern Pitt

As the Green Construction Board marks its second birthday, not everyone has found reasons to celebrate. But the board’s defenders point to impressive delivery of a 162-point action plan. Now it needs to convince others it can make a difference

Clients feature 20 June 2014

What clients want

20 June 2014| By Joey Gardiner

A resurgent commercial market means contractors now more able to pick and choose their projects. But this is making clients keener than ever to develop relationships, build a team and engage earlier with specialists

careers headshot crop

Why be a distance learner?

19 June 2014| By Chloe McCulloch

More and more construction professionals who want to gain a competitive edge to progress their careers are turning to distance learning. Just don’t think of it as the easy option


Where next for BIM?

13 June 2014| By Iain Withers

With the BIM revolution set to enter a new phase, a panel of experts discuss the challenges facing the industry if it is going to get the most out of the groundbreaking technology. Iain Withers reports

Outer Hebrides Broch

Sketch of the week: Dun Carloway

13 June 2014

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by David Grech of English Heritage

Archive Millennium Bridge

This week in ... 2000

13 June 2014

This week we take a look back at the start of the millennium, when the construction of the Millennium Bridge was proving problematic, as this Building news story reveals

Tony Burton Wall

Inteview: Tony Burton

12 June 2014| By Iain Withers

The Construction Industry Council’s new chairman wants the body to make a strong case on behalf of the industry’s professionals. He talks about skills shortages, improving the image of construction and stepping into the limelight

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