Cameron conference

Party time

19 September 2014| By David Blackman

As we approach the last party conference season before the general election, Building offers a guide to where each party stands on construction issues

Graduates Sept 09

This week in 2009

19 September 2014

Five years ago Building spoke to the graduates struggling to find work in the sector


Sketch of the week: the recession rollercoaster

19 September 2014

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by John Griffiths, a partner at architecture and design firm Paul Davis + Partners

Agenda 15 logo

Agenda 15: The next phase

19 September 2014| By Joey Gardiner

As the party conference season approaches, Building is now ready to unveil the next stage of its Agenda 15 campaign to create a manifesto for construction for the next parliament.

The class of 2014

The class of 2014: Consultants and engineers

19 September 2014| By Joey Gardiner

What made our consultants and engineers choose construction and what can we learn from them about recruiting new talent?

Scottish parliament

Infographic: All eyes on Scotland

18 September 2014

This week’s infographic looks at the impact of a Scottish vote in favour of independence

The class of 2014

The class of 2014: Architects

18 September 2014| By Joey Gardiner

What made our architects choose construction and what can we learn from them about recruiting new talent?

The class of 2014

The class of 2014: Contractors and housebuilders

17 September 2014| By Joey Gardiner

What made our contractors and housebuilders choose construction and what can we learn from them about recruiting new talent?

Curtain walling remains a popular choice for London’s commercial developments

CPD 23 2014: High-performance insulation for curtain wall facades

17 September 2014

The facade is one of the key elements governing the thermal performance of office buildings, which can be undermined by large expanses of glazing. This CPD module, sponsored by Dow Corning, examines two solutions

Andrew Davies, Wates

Interview: Andrew Davies

12 September 2014| By Joey Gardiner

When Andrew Davies, Wates’ chief executive, goes to the board next month it will be to tell them how he intends to double turnover at the £1bn family firm. But don’t expect a revolution

Mike oades

Sketch of the week: Almaty

12 September 2014

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by architect Mike Oades at Atomik Architecture.


This week in 2004

12 September 2014

Building gives its architectural review of the new Scottish Parliament building in Holyrood

London 2030

Image of the week: Future city

11 September 2014

Is this what the City of London will look like in 2030?

Medite Tricoya Extreme used for exterior screen panelling

CPD 22 2014: Introduction to acetylated engineered wood panel products

11 September 2014

Acetylated wood panels can offer improved durability and moisture resistance compared to traditional MDF. This module, sponsored by Medite Tricoya Extreme, outlines their key advantages and uses

Farmoor reservoir in Oxfordshire

CPD 21 2014: Prevention of limescale

10 September 2014

This CPD module, sponsored by Aquabion, explores the harmful consequences of limescale build-up in both domestic and industrial hot-water systems, and evaluates the available solutions

careers feature

Expat hotspots

10 September 2014| By Joey Gardiner

Global construction is set to boom over the next decade, so where are UK construction consultants most in demand?

Pilsdon farm yard

The Pilsdon Community: Second time lucky

9 September 2014| By Chloe McCulloch

When the refurbishment of a refuge for people in crisis ran into trouble, it left the community disillusioned with the building industry. But construction charity CRASH responded to its plea for help


Time to go back to school?

5 September 2014| By Sarah Richardson

When it comes to school building work, the construction industry has been tasked with doing ‘more for less’, but as the economy picks up is it time for a rethink?

Mairi Johnson

Interview: Mairi Johnson

5 September 2014| By Sarah Richardson

While at the EFA, Mairi Johnson was obliged to espouse a design-averse school building programme she didn’t much care for. Now at Aecom, she is fulfilling her ambitions

Tamil Nadu

Sketch of the week: Tamil Nadu

5 September 2014

This week’s #buildingdoodle art work is by Meredith Bowles, director at Mole architects.

Infographic index

Infographic: Growth in need for school places

5 September 2014

Projected UK population growth, following inward migration and rising fertility, will have a huge impact on the need for school places, with an overall increase of 12% in the school-age population expected between 2012 and 2024. But the data shows the impact will vary widely between English regions.

bash street cover

From the archive in ... 2000

5 September 2014

In 2000, Building asked how school design was affecting student learning

Unite’s plans for a 759-bed student block off Greetham Street in Portsmouth

Student digs

5 September 2014| By David Blackman

Despite rising tuition fees, university applications in the UK have risen to an all-time high. How is the industry is coping with the demand for student accommodation?

Eurocentral printing facility in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire

CPD 19 2014: Software-as-a-service and construction

2 September 2014

As collaboration software takes on an ever more important role in construction, leasing arrangements are gaining popularity. This module, sponsored by 4Projects by Viewpoint, outlines the key considerations

Leeds Arena

CPD 18 2014: Specifying retractable seating

1 September 2014

Retractable seating systems are tiers of seating that fold away into a space the depth of a single row. Our latest CPD module, sponsored by Audience Systems, will examine the different systems available and the key factors that specifiers should consider

Scotland archve index

This week in 1999

29 August 2014| By Meredith Papanicolaou

As the Scottish independence debate continues, we look at the opening of the Scottish parliament in 1999

TfL / Gotham building

Sketch of the week: 'Gotham city hideout'

29 August 2014

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by Warren Williams at Julian Cowie architects


Will they stay or will they go?

29 August 2014| By Joey Gardiner

What effects would a ‘Yes’ vote in the Scottish referendum have on the industry?

Mark Davey

Interview: Mark Davey

28 August 2014| By Iain Withers

Defying five years of recession, cladding company Lakesmere has experienced rapid growth. MD Mark Davey reveals how the firm beat the downturn

Vectorworks BIM software was implemented during the planning of Moorlands College in Christchurch multi-use teaching and community spaces

CPD 17 2014: BIM for small practices

27 August 2014

As of 2016, all centrally procured government construction projects must implement level 2 BIM. Our latest CPD module, sponsored by Vectorworks, defines levels of BIM

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