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Government launches independent review of building regs

28 July 2017| By Louise Dransfield

Dame Judith Hackitt will head up the review into building and fire safety regulations, focusing on tall residential buildings

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Atkins roundtable

What a difference a building makes

28 July 2017| By David Blackman

Our roundtable of industry experts explores optimising wellbeing in the work place

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Editor's view


Balmy days of summer

28 July 2017| By Sarah Richardson

Building’s annual top 150 league tables make for far better reading this year than they have for some time

Community opinion

Noble Francis

CPA/Barbour ABI Index: Shifting momentum

27 July 2017| By Noble Francis

Michael Dall

Levelling off

27 July 2017| By Michael Dall

Jeffrey Brown and Steve Goodwin

NEC4: Events, dear boy, events

27 July 2017| By Jeffrey Brown, Steve Goodwin

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Talkin’ bout a revolution

27 July 2017| By Andy Pearson

Take some well-tested modern manufacturing techniques, add them to a radical streamlined procurement route that makes the supplier king and you have the beginnings of what could be a revolution in how we build. Ike Ijeh reports on the latest advances in off-site manufacture

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Elbphilarmonie, Hamburg

Cost model: New-build concert halls

28 July 2017| By Paul Davis, Steve Roberts

As cultural icons they can make a huge contribution to any city, but concert halls can have costs and a complexity of scale to match

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