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Mace warns HS2 legal action still on the cards in contract dispute

30 March 2017| By Dave Rogers

Threat comes a day after CH2M walked away from disputed deal

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Obstacle course

Contractor's results: Fighting fit?

30 March 2017| By Dave Rogers

The annual results of the big contractors have shown an industry in somewhat shaky shape to withstand the inevitable challenge of exiting the EU

Construction site

Budget 2017: Wake-up call

15 March 2017| By David Blackman

Philip Hammond

Budget preview: Inside the box

2 March 2017| By Joey Gardiner

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Editor's view

Sarah Richardson

Nuclear chill

24 March 2017| By Sarah Richardson

Concrete is about to be poured at Hinkley, but future nuclear projects are beset with problems

Community opinion

Simon Tolson

The second post

30 March 2017| By Simon Tolson

Jonathan Gaskell and Gavin Deeprose

Differences of opinion

30 March 2017| By Jonathan Gaskell, Gavin Deeprose

Jack Pringle

Brexit: Small world

29 March 2017| By Jack Pringle

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Man with drone

Online poll: Drones

29 March 2017

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Bush Theatre: Open audition

29 March 2017| By Ike Ijeh

In its renovation of west London’s Bush Theatre, Haworth Tompkins was asked to make the building and the theatre it contains accessible and approachable to all the local community. The result, says Ike Ijeh, is full of twists and turns

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Building intelligence: Q4 2016

28 March 2017| By Experian Economics

The UK economy has enjoyed four years of uninterrupted growth and GDP is higher than its pre-crisis peak in 2008 but the outlook for the next two years has weakened following the Brexit vote

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