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Construction site

HMRC rakes in £131m from construction

20 October 2014| By Tim Clark

The taxman raised a record amount from investigation into construction firms’ taxes in the last financial year

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Lydia Eva

Designing for dementia

13 October 2014| By Ike Ijeh

A pioneering scheme in Norfolk shows how care homes can be adapted to the complex needs of people with dementia

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Industry opinion

Sarah Richardson

Balfour Beatty's chance

17 October 2014| By Sarah Richardson

Nick Raynsford

Expect the unexpected

17 October 2014| By Nick Raynsford


Hansom: Known unknowns

17 October 2014| By Hansom

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Country focus: Oman

15 October 2014| By Joanna Robinson and Barbara Carlisle

Oman’s strategic Vision 2020 couples social reform with economic diversification. With five years left to deliver the vision’s ambitious objectives, EC Harris explores Oman’s competitive construction market

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Top 150 consultants 2014

Top 150 consultants 2014: Let the good times roll

17 October 2014| By Joey Gardiner

There’s an upbeat mood in this year’s Top 150 consultants survey with growth heading towards 4.7%, a burgeoning workload, improved margins and more jobs being created. It’s now just a matter of finding the staff to keep it going

Celotex zero carbon

Much ado about zero

17 October 2014| By David Blackman

Is zero carbon a lost cause? A roundtable discussion of sustainable construction experts set up by Building investigates if mounting industry fears are justified

Tender package

Building at Construction Rocks 2014

17 October 2014| By James Clegg

The great and the good of UK construction took to the stage at The Vaults in London

Top 50 engineers

Top 150 consultants 2014: Engineers

16 October 2014| By Joey Gardiner

Building’s full Top 150 Consultants 2014 survey is out tomorrow, but we’re releasing the results showing the top 50 engineers online today

Toy house

Always read the label: Home performance labelling

16 October 2014| By Joey Gardiner

A house is the biggest purchase most of us will ever make, yet the amount of consumer information for buyers is pitiful. Now a pilot project aims to test what better home performance labelling might look like in practice

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