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St Mark's Square, Bromley

Bromley regen scheme running up to two years late

12 February 2016| By Yoosof Farah

£90m St Mark’s Square development was originally meant to be completed at the end of 2015

Bristol Arena

Three firms walked from £90m Bristol Arena contest

12 February 2016| By Iain Withers

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RSHP Mexico City

Rogers' Mexico City tower opens

12 February 2016| By Dave Rogers

Countryside Properties is up for an RIBA Client of the Year Award for Abode, Great Kneighton, Cambridge.

Countryside valued at £1bn on flotation

12 February 2016| By Iain Withers


Construction shrank 0.4% in last quarter of 2015

12 February 2016| By Iain Withers

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UK prisons: Another brick in the wall

11 February 2016| By Mark Leftly

When plans were announced to close some of the UK’s worst prisons and build nine new ones focusing on rehabilitation, there was near universal approval. Since then, however, doubts have begun to surface

Hinkley C

Hinkley Point C: Shovels at the ready …

10 February 2016| By Yoosof Farah


Consultants salary survey 2016: Under control?

5 February 2016| By Louise Dransfield

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Editor's view


Hinkley on hold

12 February 2016| By Sarah Richardson

Will next Tuesday be the day EDF finally gives the go-ahead to a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point C?

Community opinion

Ian Cocking and Sholto Hanvey

Hong Kong SOPL: Security measures

11 February 2016| By Ian Cocking, Sholto Hanvey

Rolls Building

Pre-action protocol: Room for improvement?

11 February 2016| By Simon Tolson, Dominic Helps

Mark Leftly

Prison building: The story of redemption

11 February 2016| By Mark Leftly

Andrew Warren

The DEC decision

11 February 2016| By Andrew Warren

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Holy Cross School: A class of its own

12 February 2016| By Ike Ijeh

Cullinan Studio’s prefabricated school in Swindon extracts spatial and architectural delight from a lean, compact template and answers today’s challenge of how we can build more schools for less money, while maintaining design quality

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Lead times: Oct - Dec 2015

9 February 2016| By Brian Moone

Increases to lead times continue, and many are forecast to rise in the next six months, as workload and enquiries grow. But staffing is still an issue

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