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GB Group administration confirmed

5 March 2015| By Joey Gardiner

Shareholder MJ Gleeson tells stock exchange GB Building’s parent company is to go into administration

Energy secretary

Lib Dems back energy efficiency as national priority

5 March 2015| By Joey Gardiner and Iain Withers

John Prescott Ecobuild

Prescott: We need green unity

5 March 2015| By Iain Withers

Green Deal

Green Deal gets further £70m boost

5 March 2015| By Iain Withers

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Editor's view

Joey Gardiner

Are greens good for you?

27 February 2015| By Joey Gardiner

Those promoting sustainability have to get better at putting the case that investing in green construction can boost growth


Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle: Taking liberties

5 March 2015| By Ike Ijeh

The £22m restoration of Lincoln Castle involves the painstaking reconstruction of 1,000-year-old walls and the excavation of a Saxon sarcophagus. It also means sticking one of only four copies of the Magna Carta underneath what was once the exercise yard of a Victorian prison

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Industry opinion

Nick Raynsford

Time to be heard

5 March 2015| By Nick Raynsford

Rab Bennetts

Sustainability: A virtuous circle

4 March 2015| By Rab Bennetts

Tony Bingham

Construction Act: Ready for the chop

4 March 2015| By Tony Bingham

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Leading construction activity indicator

Tracker: January 2015

4 March 2015| By Experian Economics

The construction activity index holds steady for the month at 62 points, meanwhile the majority of the regional indices feel an increase in activity

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50 sustainability stars 2015

50 sustainability stars 2015: Great expectations

27 February 2015

On the eve of this year’s Ecobuild event, Building asks the cream of construction’s young sustainability talent how they think this government has done on the environment - and what they’re hoping for from the next one

Victorian terrace

Behind the hype: Sustainable new homes

26 February 2015| By Joey Gardiner

New research is casting further doubt on long-held claims that a new-build property is necessarily cheaper to run than a refurbished Victorian home

Caddick construction

What to specify: Cladding

25 February 2015

If your eyes glaze over at the thought of glazing, this week’s crop of cladding products will perk you up no end with a choice of cedar, cast stone and aluminium

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