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Singapore Stadium, Arup Associates

Arup poaches Feilden Clegg Bradley partner

28 January 2015| By Joey Gardiner

Former FCB managing partner Jo Wright to run architecture division Arup Associates

Emma Reynolds

Labour pledges Help to Build scheme for SMEs

28 January 2015| By Nick Jones


Capita buys Constructionline for £35m

28 January 2015| By Jim Dunton

London Underground tube station

TfL starts hunt for development partners

28 January 2015| By Iain Withers


UKCG and NSCC open merger talks

28 January 2015| By Iain Withers

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Editor's view

Sarah Richardson

A need for certainty

23 January 2015| By Sarah Richardson

John Laing’s return to the stock market has highlighted the UK’s short-term approach to infrastructure


Bristol Life Sceinces

Bristol Life Sciences: Split personality

28 January 2015| By Ike Ijeh

Sheppard Robson’s Bristol Life Sciences building comprises a sober street facade that apes Georgian townhouse vernacular; and a dramatic, industrial laboratory elevation that ripples like a giant metallic wave

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Industry opinion

James Bessey

BIM: If you want my advice…

28 January 2015| By James Bessey

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Sean T

Skills for our future

27 January 2015| By Sean Tompkins

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Julie Hirigoyen

The long road to sustainable real estate

26 January 2015| By Julie Hirigoyen

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Locations of contracts awarded in 2014

Market review: Slowly does it

28 January 2015| By Michael Dall

Growth continues throughout the UK economy and construction sectors, but the gains being made are slowing down significantly. Here are highlights of Barbour ABI’s latest monthly Economic & Construction Market Review

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Top European contractors: Plus ca change

23 January 2015| By David Blackman

Deflation has darkened the mood across the eurozone’s construction markets, putting the long-awaited recovery on hold once more. Building examines what continued stagnation means for firms on both sides of the Channel


Why we're backing Agenda 15

23 January 2015| By Joey Gardiner

Our Agenda 15 campaign manifesto sets to influence the next government by setting out what construction needs to thrive. Here’s why some of those who have signed up to support it think this initiative is so important

U-bars are particularly effective when arranged throughout the wall steel on 1200mm vertical and horizontal centres

CPD 1 2015: Best practice for building waterproof concrete basements

20 January 2015

To ensure new basements are waterproof, it is essential that a suitable methodology is followed on site. This module, sponsored by Waterproof Concrete with Site Supervision, explains how designers can specify good workmanship

Rooftop support systems

What to specify: Roofing

20 January 2015

This week’s roofing products include roof boards at the new Woburn Forest Village Center Parcs leisure facility in Bedfordshire, and a green roof system at the Buchanan Street retail development in Glasgow

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