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Ardmore 'legacy jobs' push firm into the red

8 July 2015| By Louise Dransfield

Ardmore Construction posts £5.7m pre-tax loss for 2014, blaming legacy jobs and market conditions

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South Devon College’s Energy Centre, where Schneider Electric has installed an intelligent BMS that monitors and analyses energy use

CPD 11 2015: Cyber security for intelligent BMSs

7 July 2015

Networked building management systems bring many benefits but can expose organisations to cyber security breaches. This module, sponsored by Schneider Electric, examines the key ways to guard against attack


Retrofit: Low expectations

2 July 2015| By David Blackman


Budget preview: Ace up Osborne's sleeve?

1 July 2015| By Mark Leftly

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Editor's view

Sarah Richardson

Beyond the headlines

3 July 2015| By Sarah Richardson

Osborne’s emergency budget looks set to disappoint those hoping for more than familiar headlines

Community opinion

Michael Sergeant

The change mechanism

7 July 2015| By Michael Sergeant

Simon Lewis

Cyber security: Security protocols

6 July 2015| By Simon Lewis

Helen Stuart

Adjudication: The lay of the land

2 July 2015| By Helen Stuart

James Wates

The class of 2050

1 July 2015| By James Wates

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Last month saw the completion of Crossrail tunnelling

Crossrail: Service update

7 July 2015| By Ike Ijeh

As Crossrail celebrates a trio of significant milestones, Ike Ijeh takes a look at the current state of play

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Building intelligence: Q1 2015

30 June 2015| By Experian Economics

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that total construction output hit its highest year-on-year level since 2008. Experian Economics reports

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