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Uwe Krueger

Atkins accepts £2.1bn SNC Lavalin takeover

21 April 2017| By Hamish Champ

Atkins boss Uwe Krueger to depart under the deal


Chinese developer ABP eyes UK growth despite Brexit

21 April 2017| By Louise Dransfield

Norman Foster

Foster's planning job cuts

21 April 2017| By Dave Rogers


Another new boss at Bovis Homes

21 April 2017| By Dave Rogers


Unions threaten Hinkley delays over bonus dispute

21 April 2017| By Louise Dransfield

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Garden Bridge

Garden Bridge: Troubled crossing

19 April 2017| By David Blackman

Dame Margaret Hodge’s recent report on the controversial Garden Bridge has highlighted the question of whether the mayor of London should pull the plug on the project

Here’s the snag …

Bovis: Here’s the snag …

13 April 2017| By Joey Gardiner

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Sustainability: Dropping the ball

13 April 2017| By Tim Clark

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Editor's view

Chloe McCulloch

Snap election: Construction’s chance

21 April 2017| By Chloë McCulloch

The general election is a chance for the industry to make its case to politicians of all parties

Community opinion

Tony Bingham

Still beating the drum

21 April 2017| By Tony Bingham

Richard Steer 2014

Barwell is ridiculously optimistic

20 April 2017| By Richard Steer

Simon Lewis

Wheels within wheels

20 April 2017| By Simon Lewis

Ted Lowery

Case in focus: Part 8 application

20 April 2017| By Ted Lowery

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Floating ideas to tackle flooding

20 April 2017| By Ike Ijeh

The severe flooding of winter 2015/16 has put a focus on normalising water-resistance measures in houses in areas prone to flooding

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Whole-life carbon: Fabric retention

18 April 2017| By Mirko Farnetani and Juan José Lafuente of Sturgis Carbon Profiling

In redevelopment or refurbishment, retaining elements of existing buildings offers significant environmental and financial benefits

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